Obama Is Finished – Trump Just Gave The Order…

The Obama administration’s shadow has lingered through an immigration court system that makes border enforcement nearly impossible — but no longer!

With President Trump’s backing, the Justice Department is prepared to issue new rules that will increase the efficiency with which immigration cases are handled.

Under the new rules, it will be easier for a small number of appellate judges to make their rulings binding on the entire immigration system, and the use of single-judge, cursory decisions could be expanded.

These new rules may help slow the backlog of immigration cases — currently at more than 800,000 — caused in part by a massive influx of migrants with spurious requests for asylum.

“Congress has to … get rid of the whole asylum system because it doesn’t work,” Trump said.

The coming changes dovetail with a wave of new hires that could move the immigration courts more in step with Trump’s strong stance against illegal immigration

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