Obama Is DEVASTATED – They Found The Evidence

A new report by the Associated Press says that court documents and campaign finance records show that a Saudi businessman and his associate gave hundreds of thousands of dollars to fund Obama’s 2013 inauguration and get a picture with the newly re-elected president.

The funds were given through an intermediary, Imaad Zuberi, who pleaded guilty this month to giving illegal campaign contributions to several politicians and other charges. Zuberi funneled millions into various political campaigns, both Republican and Democrat candidates.

Prosecutors are not alleging that any of the candidates knew where the money came from or that any illegal activities took place. Zuberi is the only one facing charges in the case.

Zuberi also admitted in the plea deal that he skimmed much of the money intended for candidates and kept it for himself. In one instance only $97,500 of $850,000 contributed actually made it into campaign coffers.

Zuberi donated $900,000 to Trump’s inauguration and $100,000 to a Republican campaign committee.

Read the full story here.


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