Obama gets destroyed

The contrast between the previous presidential administration and this one is incredibly stark. Obama and Biden took superficial positions to garner votes and political capital. President Trump and Vice President Pence, on the other hand, do what they think is right and stand by their decisions.

That contrast has never been more evident than in Trump and Pence’s comments about Iran. In a recent interview with Voice of America, Pence made his opinion plain: when Iranians looked to America for leadership in 2009, “there was none.”

Pence is completely correct. When the courageous dissenters in Iran rose up against their theocratic rulers under Obama’s tenure, you could have heard crickets at the White House. That’s not the case now. (Read More…)

Report: Matt Lauer’s wife is preparing to cause him severe financial pain

Lauer really messed up. Not only did he do despicable things in his position of power at NBC, he made sure that when he got caught, he’d really pay for it. That looks to be exactly what Lauer’s wife is planning to make him do. Lauer and his wife owned roughly $55,000,000 in real estate, which will presumably be divided in half if Lauer is lucky. One of their properties, on Long Island, occupies 40 acres and has stables with 36 prize-winning horses. Why would someone who is doing so well just throw it all away?

Who knows, but at least his wife will be doing just fine. (Read More…)

Lawsuit launched against Roy Moore for defamation

Moore’s losing streak continues. Not only did he lose his Alabama Senate election, due to accusations of gross sexual misconduct, but his efforts to ask for recounts or shift the blame for his loss have failed. To add salt to that wound, one of Moore’s accusers, Leigh Corfman, is suing him for defamation.

She claims that when Moore said she was a liar during the campaign, in response to her allegations, that he defamed her. Who knows where the case will go just yet, but just about any news is bad news for Moore. (Read More…)

Bill Clinton’s cheating trips outside White House almost killed Secret Service agent

You may have already read that Bill Clinton’s sexual adventures in the White House broke the morale of Secret Service agents, and made their jobs incredibly difficult, but you probably haven’t heard this: Apparently, one of the times Clinton left the White House to engage in an affair, he requested a small and less conspicuous motorcade. When one of the officers was attempting to keep up with the motorcade, he was t-boned and seriously injured. The officer almost died.

All so Bill could go out and satisfy himself. (Read More…)

Comey memo surfaces, cites ‘evidence’ of potential Hillary Clinton criminal violations

It turns out that both Comey and Clinton are liars. The first draft of former Director Comey’s memo about Hillary’s email server was recently obtained by Senate investigators led by Sen. Ron Johnson. Comey’s memo shows that he and his team knew that Clinton had shared classified evidence and that doing so was a felony. But, as we know, they changed the language on their memo to shield Clinton from liability.

The Clintons may have seemed to be Teflon before, but it’s not looking good for them now. Multiple investigations have been opened or reopened into Clinton scandals. Hopefully, they get what they deserve. (Read More…)

Flashback: Bill Clinton once lost the nuclear codes as president

Remember when candidate Trump was attacked by liberals and they all said: “We can’t trust him with the nuclear codes!” Yeah, well it turns out we couldn’t trust “Slick Willy” with them, either. Just as the new Millenium was getting started and the insanity over Y2k had subsided, Bill apparently lost the nuclear codes for months at a time. Check out this story to see why, beyond the obvious, this could have been absolutely catastrophic in the event of a major emergency.

Suffice it to say that whatever one’s gripes are about President Trump, he hasn’t managed to lose the codes to America’s nuclear arsenal. (Read More…)

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