Obama Finally Confessed – Millions Are Stunned

Barack Obama recently let slip an inconvenient truth that cuts against the mainstream media’s sensationalist reporting on the subject of climate.

During a speaking engagement in Canada, Obama was asked for his opinion on how to have “a better conversation about energy.”

While conceding that “oil and gas” are “still the cheapest means for us to power all the things that we do,” Obama rehashed Democrats’ apocalyptic claims of a warming planet racing toward destruction.

But in the process, the former president who once signed an executive order declaring climate change a national security threat, made a surprising confession.

“It is indisputable that, although we can’t ascribe any particular event, weather event to rising temperatures, at the current pace that we are on the scale of tragedy that will consume humanity is something that we have not seen in perhaps recorder history if we don’t do something about it,” Obama said.

Obama’s candid admission that “we can’t ascribe any particular event…to rising temperatures” may return to haunt the liberal media the next time it rushes to declare the latest snow storm or heat wave or a hurricane an indisputable evidence of man-made global warming.

Read the full story here.

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