Obama Exposed in Resurfaced Video from 2015 – This is Sickening

Judicial Watch has uncovered a treasure trove of information recently. For instance, newly revealed documents show that former President Obama’s administration knew that the Benghazi attack on September 11th, 2012 was planned at least ten days in advance and that the date was purposefully chosen.

It wasn’t just a coincidence. Any reasonable person knew this to be the case, but Obama and Clinton did the best they could to mislead the public.

At least as bad is the revelation that intelligence officials in the ‘don’t cross the red line’ Obama administration knew that lethal weapons were being shipped from Benghazi to Syria. That’s right — the Obama administration knew of a scheme that brought weaponry into Syria to be used by ISIS. Thankfully that administration is out, and we have Trump now. (Read More…)

FBI says Jeff Sessions is vindicated, did NOT have to reveal Russia talks

Is this Russian conspiracy ever going to bear fruit for Democrats? Yet another part of the story has fallen apart. Newly released documents from a Freedom of Information request have vindicated Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

It turns out that the ‘meetings’ Sessions had with Russian Ambassador Kislyak did not require reporting on his FBI disclosures. Sessions only had to report foreign contacts with whom he had developed personal relationships. That was certainly not the case with the two meetings Sessions had with Kislyak while still a sitting senator.

Nice try, Democrats. (Read More…)

Nikki Haley defies the UN, slams them for their anti-Israel hatred

Trump calls it like it is, and so does his team. A few months back, President Trump scolded our European allies, complaining that they haven’t been paying their fair share in defense, and that they’ve forced the United States to pick up the tab. Now, Nikki Haley, US ambassador to the United Nations, has called out the organization for its notorious anti-semitism.

The Trump administration recently made the decision to relocate the US embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Many UN representatives were not happy about that development, but Nikki Haley set them straight about it. In an address to the UN, she called out the UN for their anti-semitism and told them that America would always be a friend to Israel. America, she said, won’t allow Israel to ‘be bullied into an agreement’ by the UN. Way to go, Nikki. (Read More…)

Congressman comes forward, confirms major FBI cover up

Rep. Ron DeSantis, a Republican from Florida, recently claimed that he interviewed a retired FBI supervisor who said he and other agents were instructed to refrain from referring to the Benghazi incident as a ‘terror attack.’ As noted previously, the Benghazi attack story was that it was a spontaneous and unplanned, and that it wasn’t a terror attack. It was merely a random act of mob violence… on September the 11th. Right.

If it was so random and unpredictable, then why couldn’t it be referred to as a terror attack? Well, that would be uncomfortable, and it could go against the narrative the Obama administration and Clinton State Department was crafting. We’re all glad they’re gone, but they should be held to account for what they did. (Read More…)

Report: George Soros’ operative trying to impeach Trump with illegal money

From the very beginning, the plan for Democrats has been to impeach President Trump. Whether it was his tax returns or the Russia conspiracy, Democrats just had to catch him on something. Major Democratic donors and operatives have been working on disrupting every aspect of his presidency and funding efforts to impeach the President.

The most recent person to do is David Brock, the founder of Media Matters for America. The non-profit organization is required by law to avoid engaging in political activity, but it looks like they may have recently violated that requirement. Brock was allegedly funneling money from his non-profit into other politically oriented groups. This isn’t the first time organizations run by Brock have done this, so they may just be up to old tricks. (Read More…)

ISIS releases chilling photo of Santa next to a box of dynamite in Times Square

ISIS has been getting pummelled in Iraq by US military forces. Our guys can get things done under the right President who doesn’t restrict them unnecessarily. Despite their losses, however, ISIS has been issuing frequent threats against Western targets. They’ve threatened the Vatican and the Pope, and now they’re threatening major cities, including New York.

A recent ISIS graphic depicts Times Square with Santa Claus overlooking a crowd. On the stage behind Old Saint Nick is a box of dynamite, and the picture overlay reads “We meet at Christmas in New York… soon.” Normally an organization as thoroughly beaten as ISIS wouldn’t be a major threat, but their ability to radicalize people in Western countries can be a big problem. We hope our law enforcement folks have their acts together.

Let’s all stay vigilant and safe in the coming weeks. (Read More…)

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