Obama Exposed: Damning Evidence Leaked…

Former President Barack Obama was just exposed. Damning evidence has been leaked, and it further tarnishes his already disastrous presidency.

“Oh look, the Federal Judge who just ruled that President Trump must turn over his financial records to Congressional Dems, also just so happens to be an Obama-Biden donor, tweeted Andrew Surabian, a GOP strategist.

Sure enough, Surabian provided a screenshot of campaign donation records proving that Judge Amit Mehta contributed $2,000 to the Obama-Biden 2012 campaign. This is a conflict of interest and Americans should be concerned.

In politics, very little happens by accident. Judge Mehta’s major donation to the Obama-Biden campaign raises a red flag about his impartiality, especially since Obama officials waged a clandestine war on Trump.

Furthermore, Judge Mehta didn’t simply rule that Trump must turn over recent financial records. He went even further by authorizing the release of records before Trump was even president.

This is another deep-state attack on Trump and his presidency, and it goes all the way back to Obama himself. The truth has been revealed.

Read the full story here.

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