Obama DEVASTATED – Investigators CAUGHT Him…

Former President Barack Obama said in a speech Tuesday night–not for the first time–that he didn’t have any scandals during his time in office and that he didn’t make any “mistakes of integrity,” IJR reported.

Obama’s selective memory is really getting tiresome. His Secretary of State Hillary Clinton not only lied that a terrorist attack on the U.S. embassy in Libya was because of a “video,” but she used an illegal private email server to send classified information.

His Attorney General Eric Holder allowed the illegal sale of 2,000 guns to Mexican cartel members in what was named the Fast and Furious scandal. His administration also traded five Guantanamo Bay terrorists for soldier Bowe Berghdahl, who turned out to be an America-hater who sympathized more with his captors.

Obama was also awarded the “Lie of the Year” in 2013 by Politifact for saying Americans could keep their healthcare plans under his Affordable Care Act.

That’s hardly a scandal-free administration for Obama. The difference between him and President Donald Trump is that the media always gave Obama a giant pass, where with Trump they continually exaggerate and flat-out make things up to try to make him look worse.

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