Obama DEVASTATED – Bill Barr Goes Public…

Former President Barack Obama is devastated. Attorney General William Barr is about to go public, and there’s nothing Obama can do about it. This is stunning.

One America News Network’s (OAN) Chanel Rion has reported that the Department of Justice’s inspector general is “almost ready to release his IG report to the House and Senate” on the Obama Administration’s anti-Trump activities.

In particular, the report is expected to detail “whether Obama’s intelligence officials spied on candidate Trump in pursuit of chasing down discredited Russia ties,” continued Rion.

“The IG report looks into whether top officials in the FBI illegally obtained surveillance warrants on Trump,” she said. “What Republicans are most looking forward to … is a detailing of how Obama’s FBI acted on these warrants.”

Rion went on to discuss how the now-infamous and debunked ‘Steele dossier’ is front and center — considering it is likely that Obama’s FBI at least partially used it as justification to seek a warrant.

As we know, the dossier was “funded, pushed, and manufactured by the Democrat National Committee and Hillary Clinton’s campaign,” said Rion. Attorney General Barr is currently in the process of reviewing the IG report.

See the full story here.

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