BREAKING: Michelle Obama Confirms Rumors – Here’s Where She’s Headed…

Michelle Obama has confirmed the rumors.

She thinks that democracy is being challenged, so she’s calling together a bunch of celebrities to defend it.

In a move that is surely going to appeal to really stupid liberal voters, Michelle Obama is attempting to connect with Americans by dangling celebrities in front of them that have no idea how average Americans actually live.

DO these Hollywood Elites have ANY idea what it’s like to be a normal person?

They absolutely do not.

They have no idea what it’s like trying to take care of your own kids, clean your own house, work a job, balance a budget, and hope there’s enough cash left to fill up the gas tank.

Yet those are the exact people that Michelle is calling on to connect with real American voters.

Perhaps it’s not the liberal party that’s stupid. After all, they won in 2020.

Maybe it’s the liberal voters who can’t take a step back and realize they’re being treated like sheep.

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