Obama and Clinton’s true past resurfaces in viral video

It’s remarkable just how far to the left the Democrat Party has moved in the last 10 to 15 years. People who would have been called moderately left-leaning just a short time ago are now considered right of center or even far-right. Immigration is just one of many policies where this political shift is visible.

In a video that has gone viral, you can see both Presidents Clinton and Obama publicly taking political positions on immigration that aren’t much different than what President Trump endorses today. Both Obama and Clinton talk about fixing the immigration system, but also about stopping illegal immigration, enforcing the law, and making our borders secure.

Now, Democrats are for amnesty, porous borders, unfettered chain migration, and non-merit-based entry into the country. And they say that the right has somehow gotten more extreme. They’re ridiculous.  (Read More…)

U.S. military warns China and Russia will soon be able to shoot down satellites

The Pentagon’s joint staff just issued a scary warning: by 2020 the Chinese and Russian militaries will have the capability to destroy American satellites in “low earth orbit.” This is concerning because so much of American military intelligence and coordination relies on satellite-based intelligence and communication. It’s a major advantage of the United States at the moment — but it could become a liability.

A study indicates that there are about 800 satellites from 43 countries that are in low-earth orbit. These satellites do a variety of things that go far beyond military uses; such as transmit critically important information. There is so much that could be negatively affected if satellites were destroyed in large numbers. It could be absolutely life-changing. You really have to read this one to get the full effect. (Read More…)

Co-founder of Hamas terror group dies after accidentally shooting himself in the face

Sometimes it seems like we live in a just universe. For instance, when a terrorist is cleaning his gun at home and forgets to empty the weapon of ammunition, it might randomly fire while they’re looking down the barrel. And that’s exactly what happened here to Imad al-Amani.

Amani was one of the founders of Hamas, the organization that has taken control of the Gaza strip from the Palestinian Authority because the Authority apparently wasn’t hardline enough. Hamas is bankrolled by the Ayatollah in Iran, and it exists in good measure to wage war on Israel, or at least be a persistently dangerous thorn in its side.

Amani is gone, but will not be missed. (Read More…)

Trey Gowdy will not seek re-election, says it’s ‘time to go’

This is some surprising and upsetting news. South Carolina Republican Rep. Trey Gowdy has announced that he will not be running for reelection. In his Twitter announcement, he said that he intends to return to his legal practice and that the time is right for him to retire. Of course, I wish Gowdy well and hope that he finds happiness after eight years in Congress.

News of Gowdy’s exit comes just weeks after he retired from the House Ethics committee, citing too large a workload, so perhaps Gowdy has some personal concerns to which he must attend. It is worrying, however, for Republicans who are yet another incumbent down for this year’s midterm elections. Luckily, there is no shortage of conservatives in South Carolina. (Read More…)

Massive human-trafficking crackdown in California – 510 arrested, 56 rescued

Some simultaneously terrible and wonderful news to report out of the Golden State. It’s terrible to have to recognize that human-trafficking exists in the United States, but it’s wonderful in that a major blow has just been struck against these disgusting criminals. In a major southern California sweep, 56 people were saved from sex slavery and over 500 were arrested — and they deserve the justice they will receive. Even Californian judges won’t go light on these criminals.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff warned traffickers: “… don’t do business [here] because we will find you and prosecute you to the fullest extent of the law.” Well said, sheriff. 11 girls and 45 adults have been rescued from horrific lives, and that’s something worth celebrating. I hope law enforcement keeps up the good work. (Read More…)

Video: Democrat Senator starts to applaud Trump – until he sees Schumer staring at him

President Trump’s first State of the Union address was delivered this week and, although it was both mild and surprisingly unifying in tone, Democrats proceeded to do their sore loser routine. It’s almost like they passed out a memo with instructions on how to stay sour-faced and silent even when Trump hit the unifying themes of patriotism and goodwill.

Democrats hold a strong line, and that’s why, even when President Trump delivered apolitical but pro-America sentiment, the party to his left was prohibited from clapping. Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia momentarily couldn’t help himself, however. While Trump was celebrating America, Manchin stood up and prepared to clap — until he caught Sen. Schumer’s glare, and quickly sat back down.

Party loyalty is one thing, but when it comes at the expense of one’s own patriotism, it’s both tragic and disgusting. Democrats have lost their way. (Read More…)

Life changing mental trick: “Blame yourself first”

It’s rare that something hits me so hard that I have to sit down and write it all out — now. That’s exactly what happened a couple nights ago — and this article is the result.

If you want to be successful in life, you have to understand this. The good news is that it’s simple — almost too simple: Blame yourself first, even if there are legitimate reasons why it isn’t your fault.

Just because there’s an external cause for something negative in your life, that doesn’t mean that you don’t have options for getting around that cause – even if the solution might seem “extreme” to others. Sometimes, your biggest disadvantages and obstacles can become your biggest advantages and strengths. But you have to blame yourself first in order to rule over your life well.

This is the beginning of good personal strategy. But there’s so much more — you’ll have to read the whole thing to get all the good stuff. (Read More…)

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