Notre Dame Fire Bombshell – Oh My Gosh

A bombshell report just dropped related to the devastating fire a Notre Dame Cathedral. This is unreal.

Another church fire has errupted in France, and intentional arson is suspected. The 18th-century church, Notre Dame de Grace, was the victim — leading some to wonder whether any of the recent fires were accidents.

According to reports, over a dozen French churches were damaged in the span of just a week back in March. Then the Notre Dame Cathedral tragedy occurred, and now this incident.

But locals are focused on coming together and praising a local hero who helped put out the fire, which destroyed at least 20 square meters of the church.

The hero, whose name was not reported, “used fire extinguishers from the village movie theater and courageously entered the church while waiting for firefighters to arrive,” said Mayor Henri Pons.

Mayor Pons elaborated: “If this brave citizen, a former top sportsman, had not intervened, the church would probably have burned to the ground. It was Easter Sunday and there was almost nobody in the village.”

Read the full story here.

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