Notre Dame Collapse Announcement – Oh No

A heartbreaking announcement was just made about the Notre Dame Cathedral. Last month’s fire did more damage than originally reported.

Engineer Paolo Vannucci with the University of Versailles has tragically declared that Notre Dame’s wind resistance has been cut down by more than 50-percent.

“Before the fire, the church could withstand winds up to 137 miles per hour. Now, after running simulations of the damaged cathedral, Vannucci estimates it could only withstand half that,” reported

Unfortunately, wind isn’t the only threat to the cathedral as it remains exposed to the elements. Rain could become a major problem as well.

“The rain risks falling on the vaulted ceiling and filling up what we call its haunches, or hollow sections, and that would put the arches at risk of collapse,” said historic restoration specialist Christophe Villemain.

The hope is that the historic cathedral — revered by Catholics and lovers of architecture alike — can be repaired as soon as possible in order to prevent further damage.

Read the full story here.

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