NOT GUILTY: Shocking Court Verdict Rocks D.C.

A major political player was just found not guilty. This shocking court verdict has rocked Washington, DC — and now people are asking why he got off so easily.

Democratic attorney Greg Craig, who stood accused of lying to federal investigators about his business connections to Ukraine, was acquitted of all charges by a DC court. The case against him was part of Robert Mueller’s Russia probe.

All other details aside, the truth couldn’t be more apparent: Craig was never going to be found guilty or face prison time. He is a Democrat, after all, and there are different rules for Democrats. He’d be heading to jail if he was in the other party.

Now, many are wondering if Craig was simply a smokescreen for Mueller — a way for him to claim that his investigation was “non-partisan,” even though it was not. Regardless, questions will always linger and we may never get the answers.

Outside of the courthouse, Craig praised the jury for their work. “I just have two things to say, one I just want to thank the jury for their service and doing justice in this case. I’m grateful for them in so many ways,” he said.

On the other hand, the DOJ, which is now under the control of Attorney General William Barr, is likely displeased. Assistant U.S. Attorney Fernando Campoamor-Sanchez said that Craig “chose to conceal the facts, and that’s a crime.”

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