BREAKING: Biden Diagnosis Devastates White House – It’s Not Good

In a result surprising nobody without their head up their keister, a recent poll has shown that “Most Americans say the country is on the ‘wrong track,'” according to

A whopping 62% of voters believe the country is headed on the wrong track. Simple math says that left just 38% believing we’re on the correct path, as there was no third option in the poll.

Perhaps the best news to come out of this poll is that most voters (72%) say they are “enthusiastic” about heading to the polls in 2022. Needless to say, with the liberals’ approval ratings where they currently are, more voters means more votes for Republicans.

This survey backs up the data we’ve gotten from specifically presidential polls lately that say 51% of Americans disapprove of the job Joe Biden is doing as president.

36% of those surveyed said they were concerned with “taxes, wages, jobs, unemployment, and spending.” Bad news for Biden, as these are all areas where even liberals have to admit have objectively gotten worse.

Supply chain issues, the economy in general, jobs, gas prices, the border, premature evacuation in Afghanistan… This is an honest question: has Sleepy Joe done anything right?

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