BREAKING: Nancy Pelosi BANNED – She Isn’t Coming Back…

Christian churches are willing to forgive a lot. A LOT.

In fact, they are willing to allow pretty much anything to slide as long as you understand why you aren’t going to hell for your sin, and will do your best to prevent the issue from happening again in the future.

It appears Nancy Pelosi has passed a line that the Roman Catholic Church has considered just a bit too far:

Constantly and aggressively demanding that murdering unborn babies be completely legal in America.

That’s a human life, but Pelosi doesn’t care about it, because that fetus can’t vote.

However, the future parents who don’t want to be held responsible for having unprotected sex certainly can vote.

If Pelosi is willing to allow them to abort that human life, then San Francisco Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone thinks she is missing enough from the Bible where it really wouldn’t be appropriate for her to take Holy Communion at this point.

This is a problem with a remedy, Nancy. Stop advocating for the murder of babies, and forgiveness is just a Sunday drive away.

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