North Korea makes shocking, pathetic announcement

For the first time in over two years, North and South Korea entered into diplomatic talks just about a week ago. Despite all of the anti-Trump bluster, this shocking development is typical of much of Trump’s first year: unexpected victories in areas that few people would predict. South Korean President Moon Jae-In credited Trump for the talks, and he’s probably right to do so.

Trump’s intervention may have been pivotal. But when President Moon acknowledged this, Kim Jong Un was not very pleased. The North Koreans took Moon’s statement as a sign of disrespect and threatened to keep the North Korean Olympic delegation at home instead of bringing them to Seoul this year.

This is a sad and somewhat desperate ploy for attention from the North Koreans. Kim just doesn’t want to admit that his diplomatic position has been considerably weakened by a president that isn’t afraid to call his bluff. (Read More…)

Victory: 160+ companies announce big bonuses and benefits for employees after tax cuts

This may not come as a shock to anyone, but it looks like Nancy Pelosi’s prediction about Trump’s tax reform bill was false. She said that bill would be “Armageddon,” and followed it up a few days ago by saying that the money Americans would save would be”crumbs.” Wrong twice in a row, Nancy! Not only has the tax reform brought back a vast amount of capital from American investment overseas, it has already put money in the pockets of people on Main Street.

Over 160 companies have announced bonuses and additional benefits for their employees in expectation of the money they’ll be saving. AT&T, JetBlue, and Walmart are just a few of the 160. Even better, many corporations have announced that they can pass on their savings to customers, such as utility providers. “Armageddon” is looking pretty good from here. (Read More…)

Embarrassment for Megyn Kelly: she’s not going to Olympics with NBC team

Another week, another problem for Megyn Kelly. Last week she got in trouble for praising fat-shaming to her new liberal audience. This week she’s getting more bad news. Kelly has apparently been left out of the party; NBC has determined that she won’t be traveling to South Korea for the Winter Olympics this year.

This isn’t a good sign for Kelly. Her career since leaving Fox has been in a downward spiral. If she can’t figure out how to get herself together and keep some viewers, she’ll be in some seriously hot water soon. (Read More…)

U.S. scientist says North Korea has up to 60 bombs at nuclear facility

In some less optimistic news about North Korea, a U.S. scientist has just confirmed that North Korea likely has between 30 to 60 available nuclear weapons.  This scientist, Sig Hecker, has visited the North’s nuclear facilities seven times since 2004, and he believes that they have plutonium-based nuclear weapons.

Worse yet, in the view of former CIA analyst Robert Carlin, the American foreign policy apparatus doesn’t really “get” North Korea. Carlin thinks that North Korea understands the United States better than we understand them. On both counts, we have good reasons to worry. (Read More…)

Trump’s ex-wife slams media attacks on Trump, says he’s ‘definitely not racist’

Ivana Trump, President Trump’s ex-wife, has some words for the media. Counter to one of their favorite and persistent narratives, that Trump is a racist, she says he’s “definitely not a racist.” On “Good Morning Britain,” she said that President Trump “says things which are silly or [that] he doesn’t really mean” and noted that she doesn’t think Donald will do anything irrational.

She didn’t stop there, accusing the media of changing every word to fit their own agenda, which is obviously right on the money. And then to top it off and explode a few liberal heads, she concluded that Trump is “a very stable genius, definitely.” Apparently calling it like you see it comes with the last name “Trump.” (Read More…)

Rush Limbaugh warns Americans not to trust the media’s fake Trump outrage

Sometimes Rush Limbaugh strikes gold, and here’s a perfect example. In one of his recent shows, he called out liberals as the phony virtue-signalers that they are. He noted that all the feigned outrage from the Left over Trump’s “s–thole” comments is just for show. And he’s right, of course. As Rush noted, Cadillac liberals speak differently in their private circles then they do in public.

This is just patently obvious. Are any of them looking to move to Haiti or the violent countries on the African continent? Of course not. How many would even deign to step outside their favored cosmopolitan cities, where they’re surrounded by like-minded ultra-wealthy people and a heavy police presence? None. Let them continue with their hypocrisy, it did them no favors in 2016. (Read More…)

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