This Video is Why Nobody Trusts Hollywood.

As Hollywood A-listers come forward and express outrage and disdain for disgraced mogul Harvey Weinstein, the harsh truth remains — everyone knew that Weinstein was a predator, and as long as they stayed famous and rich, too many were willing to turn a blind eye.

A new compilation video shows a long list of actors and actresses thanking Harvey at award shows; in fact, he was thanked more often than God Himself. Hollywood is filled with cowards who knew he was assaulting and possibly even raping young actresses – and they did nothing. They were even willing to praise him in public, so long as they got something out of it.

Weinstein’s young victims, often powerless and voiceless aspiring actresses, shouldn’t be blamed for their silence. Predators often use shame and power dynamics to enforce silence on those weaker than them.

But what of powerful and established stars like Ben Affleck and Meryl Streep? Were they too busy protesting Republicans supposed #waronwomen to notice the abuser in their midst? Or are they just hypocrites who tolerate abuse as long as the abuser has the “right” politics? (Watch Here…)

Hillary’s Health Crisis Exposed?

After being a hot topic during the 2016 presidential election, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s health is back in the news. This time she failed to appear on British media to promote her new book, claiming she fell down the stairs and broke her toe.

In 2016 the media dismissed any questions about her health, claiming it to be a form of sexism. This was the same media who questioned Arizona Republican Senator John McCain’s health in 2008 and has repeatedly claimed that President Trump is mentally ill.

Hillary is now a private citizen and her health should concern no one but herself. But when you lie often enough, people start to wonder. Most likely, Team Clinton is still not being honest with us about her health. But when have they ever been honest? (Read More…)

Look Who’s Getting a Job at CNN.

Former NFL wide receiver Donte Stallworth has been hired as a contributor by CNN after a string of appearances on the network where he commented on the NFL National Anthem controversy. Stallworth was convicted of DUI manslaughter for killing a man in 2009.

Stallworth joins a new class of CNN recruits who are infamous for attending White House press releases and attempting to stump the president’s press secretaries. These reporters are more concerned with self-promotion and establishing a reputation for disruption, and less concerned with informing the American public on real stories.

Based on his contributions so far Stallworth has little of meaningful, intellectual merit to offer the world — just like the organization for which he works. (Read More…)

Dana Loesch Reveals Tragic News.

Radio show host and National Rifle Association (NRA) spokeswoman Dana Loesch has revealed that “repeated death threats from gun control advocates” have forced the family to move away from their California home.

The left will never give up using threats and violence as a means to advance their agenda in America. In a vengeful act of intimidation, they’ve forced this innocent family to move from their home. It’s the definition of political persecution.

Threats of assault and rape go beyond mere political tactics. These are disgusting acts of malice and hate. But anyone who intends to harm Loesch and her family should beware — they’re likely to end up on the wrong side of a gun. (Read More…)

Famous Journalist Assassinated.

Maltese investigative journalist and superstar blogger Daphne Anne Caruana Galizia was killed when her rental car exploded just outside of her family home in Bidnija on Monday.

Investigators will have trouble narrowing down an extensive list of suspects, since she earned a living by exposing Malta’s most corrupt politicians and wealthy criminals from around the world. Galizia penned the infamous Panama Papers, the Pulitzer Prize-winning exposé described as “a giant leak of more than 11.5 million financial and legal records expos[ing] a system that enables crime, corruption, and wrongdoing, hidden by secretive offshore companies.” This resulted in some 150 investigations in 79 different nations targeting the global elite. Just 15 days before her death, Galizia filed a police report claiming that she was threatened.

Former home affairs minister Louis Galea described Galizia’s vulnerable position as a “classic case of a person who required state protection.” Unfortunately, with the state often being the subject of Galizia’s expose’s, it is not surprising that the government was unwilling to intervene for her safety. (Read More…)

Clintons Issue Sick Money Confession.

The Clinton Foundation says it’s not going to return or re-gift any of movie-mogul-turned-sexual-predator Harvey Weinstein’s donations.

The Clinton Foundation has been the center of scandal after scandal. From misuse of funds in Haiti to accusations of pay-to-play during the 2016 presidential campaign, the so-called charitable foundation run by former President Bill Clinton and his daughter Chelsea Clinton has a long history of shady dealings.

According to the Clinton’s, they have already spent the money. This Foundation has been a non-stop “pay-for-play” system since its inception. And the fact that the Clinton Foundation isn’t returning money from an alleged serial rapist should come as no surprise. It was founded by one. (Read More…)

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