BREAKING: Gavin Newsom LOSES – California Voters Shocked

When you’re not even allowed to call yourself a Democrat, you’ve done something seriously wrong.

Recently, a California judge informed Gavin Newsom that he will not be allowed to list himself as a Democrat in the September 14 recall election.

Apparently, when Newsom’s lawyers filed his paperwork in preparation of the recall election, they forgot to include his party affiliation. Not wanting to miss out on all of the people who blindly vote democrat simply because they don’t want to be called bigots, this was a huge oversight on behalf of somebody who isn’t exactly guaranteed to win this election.

Newsom originally was pressuring Secretary of State Shirley Weber to cover for him, but she refused, and Newsom was forced to take the issue to court.

Superior Court of Sacramento County Judge James Arguelles then denied Newsom the chance to correct the error, telling Gavin that Shirley Weber didn’t have the legal discretion to do anything anyway, even if Newsom had been able to bully her into bending the rules.

To read more about Arguelles’ decision, click here.

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