News Media Caught in Massive Cover-up Scandal.

Federalist writer Mary Katherine Ham put the liberal media on blast by telling CNN’s “Inside Politics” that the American public doesn’t trust the press because they have a history of covering up sexual abuse allegations just to “score points” with the Left.

Ham specifically pointed to how the media covered for Bill Clinton and Harvey Weinstein, repeatedly killing legitimate stories to protect the guilty.

She’s right. The liberal media determines their coverage of sex abuse scandals not by the seriousness of the allegations, but by the politics of the accused. And they’ve lost all credibility because of it. (Read More…)

Marine who urinated on Taliban gets off after court finds meddling.

Marine Staff Sargent Joseph Chamblin is free to enjoy his Veteran’s Day weekend after an appellant court threw out his conviction. Chamblin was originally punished by a military tribunal for urinating on the corpses of Taliban fighters. 

The appeals court threw out the charges after learning that judges in the case were unlawfully influenced by the Obama-appointed Commandment of the Marine Corps, Gen. James  Amos. Amos “severely and systematically” interfered with the case, according to the published opinion from the United States Navy-Marine Court of Criminal Appeals.

Amos was appointed in 2010, despite lacking ground combat experience. Left-wing site Politico speculated that he was handpicked by Obama for his progressive social views. He’s as corrupt as the administration that put him there. (Read More…)

Donor offers to fund prayer garden on site of Texas church massacre.

Following last Sunday’s shooting at a Texas church, the pastor has announced the church will be demolished. An unnamed donor has offered to fund the building of a prayer garden on the site.

Leftists such as Hollywood actor Wil Wheaton mocked the practice of praying following the tragedy. But despite their mockery, the fact remains; prayer is powerful.  And thanks to the generosity of the unnamed donor, Americans from all walks of life will be able to unite in prayer for the victims and their families. (Read More…)

Country Star Tim McGraw calls for gun control, attacks NRA.

Country music superstar Tim McGraw called out the NRA following the tragic shooting at a church in Texas. McGraw stated that he supports “common sense” gun control, which he equates to “military-style weapons” being banned.

Truth number one: The Second Amendment is intended as a check against state tyranny. Truth number two: The government can’t effectively enforce the gun laws now. Shooter Devin Patrick Kelly was legally barred from owning a gun, but the U.S. Air Force failed to flag him in the system.

Guns themselves don’t make societies violent. In fact, the only thing that eventually stopped the Texas church shooting was a citizen with a “military grade” rifle. (Read More…)

Church shooter’s ex-wife: “He threatened to kill my entire family.”

Tessa Brennaman, the first wife of Texas church shooter Devin Patrick Kelley, opened up to reporters and described her abuse-filled marriage to the shooter. Brennaman stated that Kelley “had a lot of demons or hatred inside of him.”

Kelley once held a gun to her head and threatened to kill her. At other times he assaulted their baby son and threatened to kill her whole family. He was clearly a disturbed man who had no business owning a gun.

Before calling for more gun regulations, perhaps we should insist that the government enforces the ones it has. (Read More…)

Roy Moore denies allegations, admits “I dated a lot of young ladies.”

In an exceptionally awkward interview with Sean Hannity, GOP Senate candidate Roy Moore responded to accusations of inappropriate conduct with teenage girls as young as 14.

Moore told Hannity: “These allegations are completely false and misleading.” But he also tacitly admitted to relationships with teenage girls when he was in his thirties. As he put it: “After my return from the military I dated a lot of young ladies.”

Moore is in a tough spot. When pressed by Hannity, his answers were evasive, which doesn’t give me confidence that he’s blameless here. It doesn’t look good for Moore; a previously uncompetitive race is now a dead heat. The damage has been done. (Read More…)

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