Newly Released Photo Exposes Obama – He’s Furious

Former President Barack Obama was spotted Saturday at the Big Rig Brewery with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. The two had a beer together and “a catch-up,” according to Trudeau’s later social media post, the Daily Mail reported.

Maybe it was really just the rekindling of a “bromance,” as some put it. But it seems more like Obama continuing to lead a shadow government behind Trump’s back, as there has been evidence of him doing with some world leaders since the election.

No one knows what the former leader of the free world and the current leader of Canada talked about as they drank beer together. Obama was in Canada to give a speech about life after his presidency.

The former U.S. president confessed in the speech to ‘a little bit of a love affair with Canada.” Not surprising with the high taxes and universal single payer healthcare there.

But it’s clear that more is going on with Obama than meets the eye these days, given the recent allegations about Obama people advising Iran. He always did want to give away America’s power and kiss the feet of foreign leaders. And it seems like not much has changed since he left office in 2017.

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