BREAKING: Cuomo Finally Goes Down – New York In Shock

Well, there goes Andy’s weekend!

Investigators are expected to interview one Andrew Cuomo on July 17 in regards to sexual harassment allegations. The news comes after a FOUR MONTH investigation.

Needless to say, if they hadn’t found anything to suggest Cuomo could be in trouble, they wouldn’t be interviewing him.

Lindsey Boylan was the first to accuse Cuomo of sexual harassment, saying he gave her an unsolicited kiss on the lips after a work meeting.

Okay, fine, who hasn’t got too jazzed after a business meeting and just started frenching a coworker? How about the story of Charlotte Bennett, a former aid to Cuomo in her mid-twenties. Cuomo made sexual overtures while he and Bennett were alone, asking if she sleeps with older men. Cuomo’s forty years older than her, so you figure out what he was implying.

If that’s STILL not enough, what about the staffer who requested anonymity that claims Cuomo groped her in Albany’s Executive Mansion?

The fat lady ain’t singing yet, Andrew, but she sure is warming up.

To read more about this story, click here.

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