New Video Rocks White House – Trump Says ‘NO’

A shocking new video just rocked the White House. President Trump has said ‘no,’ but the media firestorm won’t let up. Liberals are working overtime to push a false narrative.

White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham said that Trump “has not yet seen the video, he will see it shortly, but based upon everything he has heard, he strongly condemns this video,” referring to the wanton violence depicted in it.

The video, as reported by The Hill, “shows a person with Trump’s head superimposed on his body gunning down and stabbing people with the faces of his political foes.”

It also included “media organizations’ logos superimposed onto them in a ‘Church of Fake News,'” noted the report. The video altered a violent scene from the R-rated action movie Kingsman: The Secret Service.

Trump’s eldest son, Donald Jr., was also quick to condemn the video through a spokesperson, saying “he strongly condemns the type of disgusting and graphic violence purported to be depicted in the video against members of the media.”

The White House Correspondents’ Association (WHCA), a notoriously left-wing group, called out the video, but then tried to make it reflect poorly on President Trump’s character by rambling about how his “rhetoric could incite violence.”

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