New Ukraine Witness Comes Forward – Big Shakeup

A career State Department official who was deputy assistant secretary of state in the Obama administration testified on Tuesday in the House that he raised Hunter Biden’s ties to Burisma Holdings as a potential conflict of interest for Joe Biden in early 2015 and was shut down, the Washington Post reported.

George Kent told the Judiciary Committee that Biden’s staff told him Joe Biden was dealing with his other son Beau’s cancer and didn’t have the “bandwidth” to handle Hunter and the Burisma situation at the time.

The Post also spoke to a former Biden national security aide who said that Beau Biden’s cancer had a “minimal impact on his work” during that time in an apparent contradiction.

Hunter Biden admitted recently in an interview that his decision to take the Burisma job might have been “a mistake,” although he claims he didn’t do anything wrong at Burisma. The younger Biden also admitted that he probably wouldn’t have gotten any of the high paying jobs he has had if he wasn’t the vice president’s son.

The possibility that Joe Biden had a Ukrainian prosecutor fired to stop him from looking into Hunter Biden and Burisma was mentioned during a phone call between President Donald Trump and Ukraine’s president in July, and has led Democrats to pursue impeachment of Trump after accusing him of pressuring Ukraine to investigate Biden, a potential political rival.

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