New Poll Released – Democrats Are Panicking…

A new Reuters/Ipsos public opinion poll showed that Trump gained 5 points on his approval rating since he tweeted last week that certain far-left congresswomen of color should leave the country if they hated it or were unhappy here.

The congresswomen made statements calling Trump’s comments racist. The Democrats in the House also voted to condemn the remarks as racist.

Republican support in the poll jumped up five points to 72% approval. Support among Democrats and Independents dropped slightly, leaving his overall opinion rating unchanged at 41% in the poll.

“To Republicans, Trump is simply saying: ‘Hey, if you don’t like America, you can leave,” University of Michigan political science and African-American studies professor Vincent Hutchings said. “That is not at all controversial. If you already support Trump, then it’s very easy to interpret his comments that way.”

With his comments, Trump is “doing exactly what Republicans want him to do,” Hutchings went on. “He’s taking on groups that they oppose.”

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