BREAKING: Mark Zuckerburg Goes DOWN – Nation STUNNED…

For the first time in the history of the world, Facebook has suffered a decline in the number of people that use it’s platform daily.

The fall in the number of users is nothing short of shocking, as nobody has really ever considered that there might be a cap to Facebook’s growth. Since the platform began, it has been gaining users with 100% consistency with very little reason to worry about growth.

Suddenly, that’s all changed.

The report resulted in Facebook’s stock price plummeting by 23% on February 3, wiping out approximately $200 Billion in market value for Zuckerberg and his shareholders.

Those thinking this means the ‘Book is about to go extinct, might be waiting a while however. The quarterly drop saw Facebook fall from 1.93 billion daily users to 1.92 billion daily users.

Facebook is still extremely profitable, raking in nearly $40 billion more than they spent in 2021.

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