BREAKING: Election Bombshell Results In Stunning Arrest – Nation Shocked

The Beijing-controlled government in Hong Kong has issued arrest warrants for exiled activists, cracking down on whistleblowers worried about the fake news election for the Beijing Legislative Council.

Despite Hong Kong not officially being a part of China, the red state continues to claim ownership of the territory. As a result, China LOVES to interfere in Hong Kong’s elections. That’s exactly what they are doing yet again.

Anyone who isn’t part of the Chinese government realizes that the Beijing Legislative Council elections were complete shams.

Pro-democracy campaigners were put in prison or exiled, and only pro-Beijing “patriots” being allowed on the ballots.

Unsurprisingly, this caused ridiculously low turnout, as the people of Hong Kong didn’t want to take part in something so dirty.

The Beijing-controlled government of China has issued an arrest warrant for Nathan Law, who previously wrote about the election: “My guess is that election turnout will be low. Not because voters are satisfied with the government but rather because they will be refusing to assist Beijing’s attempts to recoin democracy in its own authoritarian terms. Even though Hong Kong people are silenced, they persist in their passion to stand up for democracy.”

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