BREAKING: Trump Enemy Attacks Rudy Giuliani – Nation Shocked…

Rudy Giuliani isn’t having a particularly great run of things lately.

When he was trying to help Donald Trump overturn the election, he made himself look silly a few times. Yes, he did have hair dye running down his face at a press conference, despite being bald. Yes, he did give a wildly important speech in front of a landscaping company.

Unfortunately, his run as the amazing Mayor of New York City seems to be further and further in the rearview mirror every day.

Now, Liz Cheney is looking to make sure there’s another Republican with a worse reputation as her, and she’s made Giuliani her target.

Cheney made it a point during her time in the spotlight at the January 6 hearings to point out that Rudy Giuliani was “inebriated” during election night 2020 in an attempt to discredit Giuliani and Trump.

“President Trump rejected advice of his campaign experts on election night, and instead followed the course recommended by an apparently inebriated Rudy Giuliani to just claim that he won and insist the vote-counting stop, to falsely claim everything was fraudulent.”

The January 6 Committee also played a video of former Trump aide Jason Miller saying that Rudy was “definitely intoxicated” on election night.

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