Breaking: Nasty ‘adultery’ rumor about Melania going viral… Yikes

The next few weeks are probably going to be very difficult for Melania. She already has turmoil in her marriage because of the allegations about her husband and Stormy Daniels, but now she has to contend with the media.

“Reporters” obsess over every little thing Melania does now, and many of them insist that Melania is now feuding with the President. It may well be that Melania just wants to be left alone.

No one knows what is true in the Trump-Daniels story, but it’s clearly far from ideal for Melania. The media should be leaving her alone and letting the Trumps work through their marriage together. But instead, they’re doubling down on the trashy tabloid style, which is why Americans hate them. (Read More…)

Stormy Daniels’ lawyer warns President Trump with cryptic photo of DVD

Just when it seemed like this whole Stormy Daniels story couldn’t get any more salacious, her lawyer decided to lob a threat at President Trump. Trump has been denying the affair since Daniels made the allegation, but that could end up being proven wrong soon.

According to Daniels’ lawyer, who tweeted out a cryptic picture of a DVD, they have evidence on disc to substantiate her allegations. I wonder why this has gone on so long, who stands to benefit here?

If this affair actually occurred, and it was consensual, why is Daniels in the public eye? Either way, I wish it would go away so we could focus on important issues. (Read More…)

Virginia man arrested after threatening to kill Republican congressman

In yet another example of the escalation of violence in politics, a man from Virginia Beach was arrested after threatening to kill Virginia Republican Representative Scott Taylor.

And why was it that the man, a Mr. Wallace Godwin, decided to threaten Rep. Taylor’s life? Over a policy issue.

Taylor has strong opinions about the legalization of marijuana in his state, which might be a little controversial, but not worth killing over. Thankfully, Godwin is in custody now so he can’t pose a danger to anyone’s life. (Read More…)

Sean Hannity blasts CNN’s Jeff Zucker with a new nickname over Stormy Daniels coverage

CNN’s President Jeff Zucker is a complete hack. His news network is a joke, it’s failing, and it’s about as bad as it gets with fake news. When Zucker decided to call out Fox News and Sean Hannity for being “state-run TV,” Hannity fired back.

He called out Zucker for his near-pornographic coverage of the Stormy Daniels saga. Well said, Sean.

No one called MSNBC or the rest of the media “state-run” during Obama’s tenure, despite their fawning coverage. Zucker needs to pack it in along with his network and do the rest of America a favor. (Read More…)

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