Nancy Pelosi makes vile claim

Who can possibly take Nancy Pelosi seriously at this point? She’s consistently hysterical, usually incoherent, and always wildly partisan. She’s been obsessed by the tax reform bill since it was proposed and she’s tried, without success, to portray it as “Armageddon” for American taxpayers. And that’s not even the most idiotic thing she’s said about it.

Just this week, Pelosi said that the billions being saved in tax cuts are just “crumbs” to Americans. This is ridiculous. Everyone who works and pays taxes got a cut, period. The corporate tax rate was slashed, spurring economic growth and putting more money in the pockets of workers.

As we all saw, multiple companies were able to give out four-figure bonuses due to the tax cuts. If that’s crumbs to Pelosi, perhaps she’s out of touch with the common people in America. Nancy, your brand of irresponsible tax-and-spend liberalism is dying out. Good riddance. (Read More…)

White House physician: Donald Trump is in “excellent health”

While liberals take every possible opportunity to attack Donald Trump, reality can’t help but occasionally rear its head in their world. For well over a year, we’ve heard that Trump is mentally unfit for the presidency, and that ridiculous sentiment reached its apex last week.

Lefties have also said that Trump has an unhealthy obsession with fast food and that his body can’t stand the rigors of the office. Like most liberal theories about Trump, this one was way off the mark. The President just received an excellent bill of health from his doctor.

Relax liberals, just get comfortable with the fact that you were wrong — again. At least you don’t have to deal with “winning so much that you’re sick and tired of winning,” which seems to be a real issue that Trump supporters deal with these days. (Read More…)

Donald Trump claims he did NOT say “sh–hole countries” in private talks with Democrats

The news media exploded two days ago with claims that President Trump made derogatory comments about some of the countries from which emigrants are coming to America.

Trump says he denies having made the specific “sh–hole” comment that he’s been accused of. He did admit that he used tough language, but according to the President, the profanity that made headlines was never uttered.

We all know Trump shoots from the hip and doesn’t mind calling things as he sees it, so it’s impossible to know what was said. If Democrats did make it up, however, it certainly wouldn’t be the first time, would it? Of course not. (Read More…)

People just reminded Chelsea Clinton about what her parents did to Haiti

One of the countries about which Trump’s negative comments were made was Haiti, the island nation to our south. When leftists came out to criticise Trump, Chelsea Clinton joined the chorus, tweeting about President Trump’s language. Chelsea claimed that immigrants from El Salvador and Haiti probably helped build Trump’s buildings, so they “certainly helped our country.”

She probably shouldn’t have mentioned Haiti. Twitter users decided to remind Chelsea about the legacy her parents left in the disaster-stricken island eight years ago. Chelsea was treated to a full review of the Clinton Foundation’s malfeasance in Haiti after the earthquake, including the fact that her parents “stole money from Haitian children” and gave those funds to U.N. agencies, political cronies, private contractors, and everyone but the victims that really needed it. That’s just part of the territory when you’re a member of the Clinton crime family. (Read More…)

Barack Obama claimed Libya a “sh** show” – no media outrage

Double standard alert: liberals and the mainstream media attack conservatives for the same things they tolerate and applaud from their own people!

Trump has been under serious attack in the last days over his comments, whatever they may have been. But the news media conveniently forget that former President Obama used incredibly similar language to what Trump is alleged to have said. Who knows what excuses liberals will think up to defend their precious Obama? (Read More…)

Bombshell: Court tells FBI to turn over Comey’s Trump memos – by next week

The courts, not known for partisan bickering, are done with the gamesmanship with the FBI and DOJ. They’ve finally made some progress in the last few weeks in investigating what these clearly biased agents were doing in the early days of the Trump presidency.

Another small battle was won this week. A federal judge has ordered the FBI to turn over the memos that James Comey authored recording his early meetings with President Trump. At issue is whether Comey did in fact include classified information in the memos, and then leak them to the media.

The memos won’t be for public consumption just yet, and the Court will have to determine if they can be seen at all, but at least they’ll get into the hands of investigators eventually. And that’s a win everyone can appreciate. (Read More…)

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