Nancy Pelosi Tells Awkward Strange Story About Joe Biden

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is raising eyebrows after telling an odd story about President Joe Biden.

“So, here they are, the place is packed and jammed. Kids are making all this noise over there on the side,” said Pelosi during an on-air interview. “And all of a sudden, I hear them [grandchildren] pronounce, ‘In order to open these doors, we do not say open sesame, we say Open Biden.'”


To recap, Pelosi’s grandkids say “open Biden” to as a secret word. “That’s our magic word,” said Pelosi recounting what her grandchildren said.

I’m not sure why she told this story, why her grandchildren think of Biden like that, or what is amusing about it at all.

But if you are interested, you can read more about this story by clicking here.

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24 Responses

  1. Just one more piece of proof that PELOSI isn’t dealing with a full deck. A member of the USA Congress being CORRUPT is, of course is horrible….but a member of the USA Congress being CORRUPT and DEMENTED should scare the pants off of everyone!

    1. Pelosi has mentally left he world of Sanity, Ana list her mind. She’s crazy and needs professional help. One question tho. Who the hell elected her as President. Bad enough we have hiden Biden in there. The commies have arrived and hopefully Americans will grab their country and irradicate the commies from it.

    2. Pelosi is ensain and has been for some time .
      She needs to be looked up in a home and not in us congress.

  2. It’s past time to impeach her for the good of the country. It’s more than obvious that she is mentally incompetent and unstable. Get rid of her now,

  3. WOW.. To say this is strange just don’t cover it. How scary to think about her holding the position she holds.

  4. What’s wrong with these people in Congress? How long does it take for them to realize that Pelosi has done more harm then good for this country? When will they have the BALLS to finally get rid of her before she does more damage. Is it possible that Congress can be so afraid of her??? If not then kick her out with a nice swift kick and once and for all throw her out to the garbage where she belongs!

    1. Between Pelosi & Biden, this country is in some kinda’ trouble!!!!! Both should have resigned a long time ago. Obviously, both are Demented!!!!! Not good for this country. Don’t know why her district continues to vote for her. PLUS, members of Congress are afraid, she will “yank” their funding away (a threat she has made to them; to either go along with her “whime’s” or she cuts their funding off.) Sounds like grounds for impeachment; as threats!!!!!!

  5. Ive said all along that Pelosi is the most dangerous wonen in the country. What she is doing here is simply adding fuel to the “biden is over hill” so she and her cohorts can remove him via art.25. Dont ever underestimate ms pelosi, she knows exactly what she is doing

  6. In my opinion, it only says that Pelosi suffers from the same disease as Biden – Senile dementia. Unfortunately, most of the Senate and House of Representatives have survived to the age of dementia, Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s. They are dying, destroying our country and sucking the last strength out of it.

    1. DITTO!!!! (I’m around their ages & I’m certainly a lot more sane then they are!! I feel I, at least, have some common sense left in me. BUT, I also know, that in order to take the responsibility of running this country, takes a sense of sane intelligence & in better shape than I observe of them; I wouldn’t take the chance of destroying this wonderful country.)

  7. This never happened. Just another BS story Nancy makes up on the fly to try and humanize herself. Try to aggrandize herself, her history. Inserting herself into stories, fulfill the need to bolster her self importance. Funny thing is she hasn’t always been a moron, so we know she NEVER allowed Biden get to close to her grand kids.

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