Nancy Pelosi Surrenders – I Knew It

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has signaled a possible shift toward supporting the radical Green New Deal.

Previously, Pelosi was dismissive of the climate change resolution, referring to it as “the green dream or whatever they call it, nobody knows what it is.”

But under pressure from the far left, Pelosi has now indicated openness to discussing “some of the elements” of the resolution.

“The Green New Deal, some of the elements of that may be part of — it certainly will be a part of the discussion,” she said.

Speaking in generalities, Pelosi did however continued to distance herself from the Deal’s most radical, economy-destroying, security-weakening elements.

“Some of the considerations will be some considerations as we go forward — what does the best job that keeps us number one and protects children’s health and secures our nation and honors our values and does so in a way that gets results in a shorter period of time,” she said.

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