BREAKING: Nancy Pelosi Death Announcement – Nation Shocked…

To the absolute shock of both liberals and conservatives alike, Nancy Pelosi has confirmed what REAL patriots knew all along.

“Defund the police” is dead.

While the news probably comes as a shock to the alt-left who are still waging war on our public service people, most of us have realized this for quite a while – it just took Nancy’s old brain a little bit to catch up to the rest of us.

Either that, or she realizes what trying to “defund the police” would mean for her party’s chances as we approach midterms.

Liberals are in serious trouble as we approach 2022 elections, and they way they’re trying to win us back is by flipping on a ton of issues they’ve berated over for the last two years.

Remember masks? It’s more than a little weird that as soon as liberals realized they’re going to lose the majority we started seeing entire blue states drop mask mandates faster than Joe Biden’s plummeting approval rating.

Now, Nancy, who’s been calling anyone who’s supported the police the last two years a racist monstrosity, has completely changed her tune.

Just one more reminder that it’s not about the people, the country, or even doing what’s right. For them, it’s about thinking as short-term as possible to get the votes NOW without worrying how these things are going to impact them later. Soon enough though, it’s going to be later. It might actually be here already.

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