Nancy Pelosi Ruined – She Deserved This

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has been caught in a devastating political scandal due to her own incompetence, and there’s no way she’ll recover from this blow.

Even though Pelosi has called for President Trump to release his tax returns and co-sponsored legislation that would force him, she’s refusing to do it herself. Pelosi’s chief of staff said that she “will gladly release her tax returns if and when she runs for president.”

This is classic liberal hypocrisy, especially coming from someone who is third in line to become president according to the Constitution. Instead of applying the same standard to herself, she’s playing rhetorical games and hoping Americans won’t notice.

Even if she never became a presidential candidate — an alarming prospect on its own — Speaker of the House is one of the most influential positions on Capitol Hill. Perhaps Americans deserve to see her tax returns, considering her powerful role.

In fact, what about forcing every member of Congress to release their tax returns as a prerequisite for running for office? Surprising no one, this provision isn’t included in the very legislation that would force President Trump to do it.

The ironically titled “For the People Act of 2019,” which Pelosi has co-sponsored, is a massive indictment of the entire Democratic Party and just further proof why Trump won in 2016 and why he’ll win again in 2020.

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