Nancy Pelosi REPLACEMENT Notice – WOW…

A replacement for Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi was just announced on national television. Pelosi has received the notice loud and clear — it is time for her political career to end.

Speaking to One America News Network’s (OAN) Rachel Acenas, Deanna Lorraine, a conservative activist from California, discussed her bold congressional campaign to unseat Pelosi and provide real representation to San Francisco.

“Nancy Pelosi needs to get the hell out of office,” said Lorraine. “She is too senile. She is destroying our country. She is a communist. And not a lot of people say it, but she is. And we just need to defeat her.”

Acenas reported that Lorraine’s platform “includes strengthening American families and addressing San Francisco’s homeless epidemic, something she claims Pelosi has simply ignored.”

Lorraine noted that Pelosi’s many years in Congress haven’t benefited the district one bit. “She was elected to Congress when I was a toddler,” Lorraine said. “How, in thirty years, does she have a district that looks like this?”

While San Francisco is historically a deep-blue district — one of the most strongly Democratic areas of the country — Lorraine appears to have the energy to take on Pelosi and give voters an actual choice in 2020.

See the full story here.

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