BREAKING: Nancy Pelosi Is OUT – Congress Is In Chaos…

It’s official, Nancy Pelosi is out of her mind.

Keep in mind, this isn’t some slacker eighth grader messing up the names of faraway lands during a social studies report. This is the HOUSE MAJORITY LEADER.

You might think we’re being harsh on Pelosi, but don’t you think that the people leading us during times of war at least need to be able to keep straight the names of the nations involved in the conflict?

Common sense would say that isn’t too much to ask, but liberals are surely going to go to the end of the earth to defend Pelosi for this one.

The problem with that plan though, is even if you were SOMEHOW able to convince America that Nancy Pelosi was alert enough to lead the country, there’s still the issue of Joe Biden.

To be honest, compared to Joe, Nancy seems downright spry. Even if she doesn’t know what country Putin is currently invading.

Hurry, we need to go help Hungary!

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