Nancy Pelosi Has Blood On Her Hands – Reports Were True

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats who have repeatedly stymied President Trump’s attempts to secure the southern border have another death to answer for.

This time, an illegal alien, 33-year-old Ramon Ontiveros, stands accused of shooting and killing 28-year-old Paige Gomer in Oklahoma.

Police have not yet given a motive behind the Mexican national’s alleged crime, but one friend of the victim said, “I hope he never gets to see freedom again.”

While the blame for this evil deed falls squarely on the man who pulled the trigger, perhaps Pelosi should be made to explain to the victim’s four-year-old daughter whether petty political grandstanding was worth her mother’s life. Such a conversation might shake some Democrats from their indifferent attitude to national security.

Perhaps Democrats should also explain why they can’t understand the difference between being anti-immigrant and simply wanting to secure our nation’s back door against intruders.

Illegal immigration is a serious crime, and those who commit it cannot be expected to respect our nation’s laws. Once again, we’ve learned this the hard way.

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