Nancy Pelosi FIRED? It’s now a distinct possibility.

Senator Tim Scott and President Trump both made an intriguing observation about the government shutdown yesterday: Nancy Pelosi’s job as Speaker of the House is at risk.

Scott identified the problem first, stating in a Fox interview:

“Well, this is, without any question, a Pelosi problem. There’s no question that her speakership seems to be in balance against border security. … Some would say that it gets easier after that problem is resolved on January the 3rd. The truth of the matter is, we should not have that conversation whatsoever.”

He later added, “[T]oday, we find ourselves at a standstill. Because Pelosi’s speakership is in peril.”

President Trump, an expert at sensing weakness, followed up with his observation:

“Nancy Pelosi is calling the shots, not Chuck. And Chuck wants to have this done, I really believe that,” Trump said, according to Bloomberg. “But she’s calling the shots, and she’s calling them because she wants the votes, and probably if they do something she’s not going to get the votes and she’s not going to speaker of the House and that would not be good for her.”

If Trump and Scott are right, Nancy Pelosi could be fired as Speaker of the House before her tenure begins. Stay tuned.

Read the full story here and here.

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