BREAKING: Nancy Pelosi OBLITERATED – Democrats In Shock…

The National Republican Congressional Committee recently announced they had collected a total of $140 million in fundraising in 2021.

That kind of a haul for a year with no midterms and no presidential election is absolutely unheard of. Even with Donald Trump storming into town, during the last cycle, Republicans did not raise this much until MAY of the election year. Now, they did it in an off-year alone.

NRCC Chairman Tomm Emmer, a Republican from Minnesota, declared that “voters are ready to put an end to Democrat policies that have led to skyrocketing crime, rising prices, and open borders.”

As for liberals? Well, they didn’t collect that much. That’s not good for Nancy Pelosi who’s majority is already hanging by a thread.

That’s why Emmer and the Americans who came up with this $140 million have a message for Nancy: “Retire or lose.”

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