Nancy Pelosi Defeated

Armageddon commenced on December 20th, 2017 — at least that’s what Nancy Pelosi would have you believe. Pelosi tried to get some resistance going against the tax reform bill that just passed through Congress, but no one showed up to her protest event. Pelosi herself was also a no-show.

Just to be clear, this tax reform bill will give almost everyone a tax cut, it effectively doubles the standard deduction, and it will absolutely help to spur economic growth. It’s not Armageddon, it’s renewal.

Who would have imagined that letting people keep more of their own income would create so much anger? (Read More…)

Report: Mueller’s sprawling investigation could last another year – at least

Investigations into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election have been going on for over a year now.

Peter Zeidenberg, a former deputy special counsel, has predicted that the investigation will continue on for at least another year. This is mind-boggling.

Some of the figures who were temporarily on Trump’s campaign staff or early administration have been indicted on minor charges. But so far, Donald Trump has been completely unscathed.

If there’s a silver lining to any of this, it’s that Trump looks innocent, but the so-called Deep State has been coming under increasing scrutiny. Maybe Mueller can do some good after all by exposing the rotten core of America’s top law enforcement agencies. (Read More…)

Secret Service agent: Bill Clinton snuck out of the White House for sexual affairs

Former Secret Service agent Gary Byrne published some inside information in his book about the time period when he protected President Clinton.

According to Byrne, Clinton would frequently ditch his guards to sneak out of the White House and engage in extra-marital affairs. Clinton’s appetite for his mistresses was so insatiable that he often put Secret Service agents at risk.

It got so bad, Byrne writes, that the morale of Service agents started to drop. Having someone put your life at risk to engage in an affair would have that effect, wouldn’t it? (Read More…)

Report: Hillary accused of corrupt money scheme in new federal complaint

Crooked Hillary and her equally crooked friends at the DNC are at it again. The Federal Elections Commission (FEC) is currently investigating a complaint they received about the Hillary 2016 campaign. According to the complaint, the campaign and the DNC worked together to circumvent federal campaign contribution laws.

An organization called the Hillary Victory Fund was used to transfer money to state Democrat Party organizations, then back through the DNC and into Hillary Clinton’s campaign fund.

This way, they could evade campaign finance laws that restrict contributions. Hopefully, the FEC will thoroughly investigate, and if this allegation is true (which knowing the Clintons — it probably is), someone will be held accountable. (Read More…)

Trump sex accuser repeatedly asked for a job in Trump’s campaign

Sexual harassment and assault allegations are always very difficult to make heads or tails of — particularly as conservatives. We want to protect people, usually women, from predatory men, but we also deeply respect the rule of law. These two principled positions can cause some tension when trying to figure out what to believe about such claims.

In this case, the circumstances surrounding Trump’s accuser are confusing and somewhat troubling. Jill Harth accused Trump of sexually assaulting her in 1997. She even filed a lawsuit a few years later that she eventually withdrew.

During Trump’s 2016 campaign, Harth repeatedly attempted to contact then-candidate Trump and get a job working for him. When her old lawsuit attracted media attention, she suddenly became very hostile to Trump once again. Now, she’s calling for him to resign. This looks odd no matter what one thinks of the President. (Read More…)

McCain’s cancer expected to keep him away from Washington until next year – at least

Sen. McCain’s battle with cancer has been a pretty difficult. He’s a tough guy who’s been through quite a bit in his life, but cancer can get the best of anyone.

A friend of McCain recently confirmed that the senator is ‘OK, but exhausted,’ which isn’t particularly surprising. Recent statements by McCain’s family and sources close to him noted that his doctor has recommended he spend some weeks relaxing at home.

McCain has decided that he’d do just that. He announced that he’s planning to come back in January.

Rest up, Senator, and enjoy your holiday as best you can. (Read More…)

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