Nancy Pelosi CAVES – It’s Finally Over…

For months, Nancy Pelosi has been unwilling to endorse impeachment. She knew the consequences for her party if it went wrong. But as last, she has caved to the radicals around her – and it could be over for Democrats.

Trump advisor Kellyanne Conway pointed out that Pelosi was “intimidated” into making this decision. She was intimidated by the people around her to call for impeachment before the Ukraine call transcript was released.

And now that the transcript is released and everyone sees the controversy is a huge “nothing burger,” Pelosi will have to explain herself.

So maybe we can finally see the end of Pelosi. She has been a figure in Washington for over 3o years.

She is a career politician and she had the savviness to survive this long. But being intimidated by the radical wing of her party could be her doom.

Either way, Pelosi and the Democrats need to face the consequences of trying to impeach a President over a rumor.

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