BREAKNG: They Finally Caught Nancy Pelosi – Here Are The Details…

Representative Byron Donalds is in a position to represent other Americans and stand up for them, an opportunity many of us will never achieve.

Luckily, the Republican from Florida is taking full advantage of his opportunity.

He knows his voice carries weight, so that’s why he is getting out the message that most Americans needs to be shouted from the rooftops:

The January 6 Select Committee is a complete and utter joke.

We’ve known that for a while, and the ratings for each of the hearings so far have reassured that in all of our minds.

But it’s not just the viewership ratings, what’s actually happening inside of the January 6 committee hearings is just as much of a clown show as you might expect.

Nancy Pelosi running completely unchecked is one problem, with the putty-faced Democrat from California going so far as to block completely responsible and logical questioning just because she didn’t want to hear the answers.

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