BREAKING: California Democrats NAILED In Police Scandal – About Time…

In 2020, the Democratic Party promised to defund the police.

This promise was especially aggressive in Los Angeles and San Francisco, two hot spots of the Black Lives Matter movement.

In Los Angeles, Mayor Eric Garcetti responded to the cries by slashing his state’s police budget by 10%.

Keep in mind, he made the decision while lawlessness and looters and rioters ran rampant on the streets of Los Angeles.

Now, the city of Los Angeles is scrambling to hire new officers, unable to find cops that want to work for them and without enough manpower to combat the recent increase in crime in the city.

Garcetti, the idiot that slashed the LAPD budget by 10% is now proposing almost 1,000 new officers be added to the force.

Despite this, it would appear as though Garcetti never apologized for his bonehead decision of slashing the police budget. He simply pulled a complete reversal and hoped nobody would hold him accountable.

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