Mystery Mueller Case Heard By Supreme Court Over Weekend

There’s some surprising news on the Mueller front over the weekend – the Supreme Court ruled on a case involving Mueller’s investigation on Sunday.

The Daily Caller reports:

Chief Justice John Roberts stayed a contempt order in a case that likely arose from Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation on Sunday night.

Roberts’ order could mark the first time that the Supreme Court has intervened in the Mueller inquiry.

Very little is known of the case, which reached the justices on Saturday, because the matter has proceeded through the federal courts under seal, meaning strict confidentiality prevails over every detail.

Mueller had thus far avoided the Supreme Court, a body that is thought by some to be a tough venue for him, due to the pro-executive stances of the majority of justices.

We’ll soon find out whether Mueller’s investigation has encountered a serious setback or not.

Read the full story here.

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