Mueller’s Victim Comes Clean – Admits Everything On Fox News

Robert Mueller left a trail of victims over the course of his witchhunt against President Trump and his allies. While Mueller never found evidence of ‘collusion’ with Russia, he tried to make up for it elsewhere. Now, one of his victims is speaking out.

George Papadopoulos, a former Trump campaign aide, said on Fox News that the FBI essentially tricked him into pleading guilty to lying. Under the guise of defending “national security,” he “foolishly” spoke to them without legal representation.

Once the interview with the FBI began, however, it turned out quite differently. “All of a sudden I’m being interrogated [at an FBI field office],” he told Judge Andrew Napolitano, the show’s host. He was then asked about the now-discredited Steele dossier.

Specifically, the FBI wanted to know about the content of a brief communication period Papadopoulos had with a source tied to the dossier. He said they also asked “strange questions” about his Israel ties, collusion with Russia, and his campaign work.

In a separate interview, Papadopoulos said he knew the entire Trump-Russia story was a “hoax” and that the case against him was “basically fabricated” — exposing a sad state of affairs at the FBI that resulted in a 12-day prison sentence for lying.

But what accompanied his short prison stay was far worse: A felony conviction. Papadopoulos’ lawyers have reportedly sent in an application to President Trump requesting a pardon, and he would be “honored to accept it.”

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