Mueller’s Disturbing Past Exposed.

An old colleague of Robert Mueller is speaking out — and what he reveals isn’t pretty. Attorney Harvey Silvergate cautions that while many have heralded his record, Mueller’s personality makes him akin to “the first Grand Inquisitor in the 15th Century Spanish Inquisition.”

Silvergate warns that Mueller’s “demonstrated zeal” will “virtually assure that indictments will come,” regardless of the facts — and therefore, his conclusions should be taken “with a grain of salt.” Oblivious to the evidence, Mueller works as a man with his mind made up — until he gets the conviction.

Tasked with investigating the increasingly nonsensical Russian collusion narrative, Mueller bears close observation. Ironically, the only real evidence of Russian collusion appears to point to the Obama administration, particularly during Hillary Clinton’s tenure as secretary of state.  (Read More…)

Former Clinton Insider Confirms the Worst About Hillary.

The truth about the Russian collusion claims is coming out — but with a shocking twist. Dick Morris, who worked with the Clintons in Arkansas in 1978 and helped Bill Clinton to win the White House in 1996, says that then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, not Trump, was bribed by Russia multiple times.

Since 2005, Morris says, Vladimir Putin has been trying to “corner the world’s uranium supply” — and in that same year, the Clintons first began accepting money from the Kremlin. At the time the deal was made, the FBI knew that the Russian government was using illegal tactics such as bribery, extortion, and kickbacks in order to get its way. But Obama and Clinton both signed off on the deal anyway.

The story appears to be coming back to haunt Mrs. Clinton. As Morris concludes, “If ever there was anything that calls out for a special prosecutor, this is it. I hope [Trump] acts on it.” (Read More…)

Federal Court Makes Massive Ruling Against God.

A federal court has just ruled that a 90-year-old memorial shaped like a cross in Prince George’s County, Maryland, is unconstitutional because it promotes sectarianism. This is one legal precedent we’re going to be dealing with for the rest of our lives.

This is another victory for the iconoclasts. What’s especially unfortunate is that this was all litigated recently. In 2015, a judge ruled in favor of the monument. “Secular crosses” like these are widespread throughout America and should surprise no one. Our country’s roots are Christian.

When we reach for a symbol of sacrifice we naturally reach for the cross. Attempting to erase any trace of this heritage is an attempt to erase history. It’s just that simple. This ruling is appalling. (Read More…)

Hillary Clinton To Be Prosecuted?

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton continues to have an email problem. And according to Judge Andrew Napolitano, her negligent handling of state secrets may be last the nail in her political coffin.

After the FBI got a look at former Democratic congressman and sexual predator Anthony Weiner’s computer, they discovered over 2,800 work-related emails that came from Weiner’s ex-wife and Clinton deputy chief of staff Huma Abedin. Judicial Watch, the government accountability and transparency group, are engaged in a battle with the State Department to have the emails made public, believing that the documents found on Weiner’s laptop include “classified and other sensitive materials” that constitute “obvious violations of the law.”

Napolitano believes that Hillary’s reckless nature with sensitive information should result in prosecution. The State Department continues to refuse to reveal the content of the nearly 3,000 emails found on Weiner’s computer, saying that the information contained in the emails is harmless and did not expose any significant information. If that is the case, then why not release it? Or is there more to the story? (Read More…)

The Truth About Bill Clinton Has Surfaced.

The unfolding scandal involving the Clinton family and the Obama administration’s collusion in corrupt Russian business practices in the United States just took an interesting turn, thanks to new Clinton emails that have surfaced. It appears that Bill Clinton’s role was to help facilitate the uranium deal which was sought by both President Vladimir Putin, who has sought to control the world’s uranium market since 2005, and the Obama administration.

This story suggests that the Clinton Foundation, the State Department, and the Obama administration used former President Clinton as a way to ensure that the Russian purchase of the Canadian Uranium One company went as smoothly as possible, and the Clinton family profited greatly.

Unbeknownst to many, Robert Mueller’s FBI was gathering evidence that officials in the Russian company’s American subsidiary were resorting to extortion, bribery, and kick-back schemes in order to seal the deal with Uranium One and expand Russia’s nuclear energy resources. Newly uncovered FBI documents also show that the Obama administration was intimately aware of the Russian racketeering scheme, and yet decided to support the deal anyway for their own political ends. This is insane. Where are the indictments? (Read More…)

Trump Makes His Move Against McCain.

President Donald Trump and Arizona Senator John McCain have been at each other’s throats since at least 2015. Now, after McCain called out Trump’s brand of nationalism, the president has fired back at the Arizona Republican.

After Senator John McCain called President Trump’s “Make America Great Again” movement “half-baked,” President Trump warned: “I fight back.”

Former President George W. Bush also weighed in on the Trump administration by essentially blaming it for the “divisive” climate in the United States. McCain and Bush are the embodiment of the bloated Republican establishment that is partially responsible for America’s loss of prestige abroad and the decline of the American economy. They both need to go away. One is retired and the other should follow suit. (Read More…)

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