Mueller Tragedy… White House Confirms It

President Donald Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani said to David Webb on Fox Nation’s Reality Check Friday that Mueller was “incapable” of handling his own investigation.

Giuliani pointed out that most of Mueller’s team were Democrats who likely wanted to see Trump go down. “The inmates were running the asylum because this guy was incapable of running it,” he said further.

Giuliani also took on the term “exoneration” and how Trump seemed to be subject to different rules than others who were similarly investigated. “I consider that one of the most dishonorable, one of the scummiest prosecutorial statements ever written,” said Giuliani regarding Mueller asserting that Trump was not exonerated by the investigation.

Host David Webb agreed that the DOJ does not say that anyone is “exonerated” because that’s not the way the justice system works.

Giuliani said it was “absurd” of Mueller to say that Trump was not exonerated. “It turns our whole system of justice on its head going back 2,000 years,” Giuliani concluded.

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