Mueller REVERSED – D.C. Rocked – Trump Was Right

Conversation in the media and in political circles about the Mueller report and investigation has slowed to nothing more than a trickle less than a month after Mueller’s congressional testimony failed to produce any new information about the proble into whether President Donald Trump’s campaign colluded with Russia prior to the 2016 election, the Hill reported.

Trump has mentioned the probe less in his campaign rallies and appearances, and voters have asked fewer questions about it to Democrat presidential candidates. The investigation didn’t come up much in the latest round of presidential debates, either.

Instead of having Mueller’s testimony be a catalyst to get everyone talking about his investigation again, it effectively ended impeachment talk and the public seems to have moved on.

The media has shifted from “Trump colluded with Russia” to “Trump is racist”, as the New York Times planned to do. The public doesn’t seem to be buying any of it, with some polls showing Trump cracking the 50 percent barrier in approval ratings.

If calling Trump racist doesn’t work–and likely it won’t because they’ve been doing it since before he was elected–what will his haters do next?

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