Mueller REVERSAL Bombshell – D.C. Elites Stunned

In a total about-face, Mueller now wants to bury the Russia story, according to Trey Gowdy.

Speaking of Mueller’s scheduled testimony, Gowdy had this to say: “They’re bringing him, they want to keep the story alive. He’s not going to participate in that. He’s not going to answer anything outside the four corners of his report.”

Gowdy implied that Mueller’s answers would be simple, and not anything new.

“Why didn’t I look into anything else? ‘Because I wasn’t asked to.’ When did I conclude there was no collusion? ‘When I interviewed the last witness.’ And that’ll be that,” Gowdy said, mocking the possible answers of Mueller.

According to Gowdy, nothing of value will be gained from Mueller’s testimony.

Everything Mueller gathered in his investigation was included in his report. The answer? No collusion, and no obstruction. Any further attempts to investigate are wishful thinking from the Democrats.

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