Mueller REVERSAL Announced – Democrats Panicking

Democrats are panickling. A Mueller reversal was just announced, and they are at a loss for words. This is what happens when you abuse the law to your benefit.

Investigative reporter John Solomon has dropped a bombshell that could see Mueller’s reputation as a good professional reversed, an it’s all coming down to the name of one Russian: Oleg Deripaska.

Deripaska is a former business client of Trump ally Paul Manafort and also served as an FBI informant at times. He was even a client of Christopher Steele, the source of the now-debunked anti-Trump dossier.

It appears that Mueller team’s may have withheld crucial testimony from Manafort’s legal counsel provided by Deripaska from an FBI interview in September of 2016; it’s a bombshell stateeement.

There’s no way Manafort would’ve colluded with Russia during the 2016 election. He told Solomon, “I told them straightforward, ‘Look, I am not a friend with him … I started a court [against him] six or nine months before.”

“But since I’m Russian I would be very surprised that anyone from Russia would try to approach him for any reason,” he continued. “I just don’t believe that he would represent any Russian interest.”

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