Mueller Receives Notice – National Nightmare Is Over

Former special counsel Robert Mueller just received notice. The national nightmare is finally over, and it’s because one brave voice chose to speak out. Mueller is finished.

Ken Starr, who famously prosecuted former President Bill Clinton, appeared on Fox News to challenge Mueller ahead of his scheduled testimony on Capitol Hill. “I would say do what you have said you’re going to do,” said Starr.

Starr said that Mueller should stick to the report, as promised, and also refuse to play the political games that the Democrats have set up. He offered additional words that Mueller should consider while under oath.

“I’m not going to turn myself beyond the report and I’m not going to turn myself into an instrument or a tool to further a political process,” said Starr, suggesting a line Mueller must consider while testifying.

Starr went on to say that Mueller should particularly refuse to engage in the conversation surrounding “the possible impeachment of the president of the United States. That’s up to the people who were elected. I’m not going to play along.”

Whether Mueller will take Starr’s sage advice has yet to be determined. Mueller has often talked out of both sides of his mouth — simultaneously making unsubstantiated allegations against Trump, while also claiming he’s non-partisan.

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